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Our story & Cécile


Our story

EQ'IN MOTION was created to support horse owners to improve the well-being of their beloved equine partners. 

​The founder, Cécile, has been passionate about horses and an active member of the Equestrian world for over 30 years.


In the subarctic region, she met one of those horses that changes a rider's life: a mare dealing with discomfort! 1500km away from any Equine Health Services, this situation led her to look for a natural and gentle approach to relaxation and alleviating muscles tensions.


Driven by a desire to contribute to Equine Welfare, she trained and acquired an Equine Massage Therapy Certification in Ontario, leading to the inception of Eq'in Motion Ltd. 

Our mission is to provide customized solutions that promote wellness, facilitate recovery, and enhance performance. We develop partnerships of trust by tailoring every massage session to reflect each horse's uniqueness. Eq'in Motion ensures that our approach is ethical and aligns with the industry's best practices for your horse's respect, comfort, and consent.


Your horse deserves the best: Wellness in every stride.

Meet Cécile

Hello, I'm Cécile. Welcome to my Equine Massage Therapy website! 


My passion for horses began during my childhood in France. I was lucky to compete in all three Olympic disciplines and obtained my Coaching License in 2006. It was fantastic to guide riders and horses to achieve their goals for leisure, sport, and equine therapy. 

My journey took a significant turn when I met a mare in Northern Canada. This encounter sparked a realization that I could do more for the well-being of horses, leading me to naturally transition to Equine Massage Therapy.


I now run Eq'in Motion, offering customized bodywork solutions for your horse! Free, painless movement is essential to equine well-being, hence my commitment to providing optimal bodywork to support your horse's motion.

Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, I am currently a student of The Masterson Method ® (bodywork) and Equi-Tape® (Equine Kinesiology Taping).

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