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Terms & Conditions

Our goal is to ensure that you are totally satisfied with your experience, in a safely manner for your Horse and our Equine Massage Therapist.

For any question, please email us at with your name, contact information and your inquiry.

Services & Discounts

1 - Services

  • 1.1 - Equine Massage Session

    • Our equine massages are provided for the purpose of relaxation, relief of stress, muscular tensions, restrictions, disconfort, and to aid the body with its natural healing process. 

    • The Equine Massage Therapist work soft tissues and may integrate gentle range of motion exercises to the joints but will not administer spinal manipulations.

    • To ensure appropriate massage, it is of upmost importance to inform the Equine Massage Therapist of any old, current, or new health conditions as well as inform of any changes in your horse health status, or/and concerns you may have.

    • A massage session is not a substitute for medical examinations or diagnosis and a veterinarian should be consult if the horse need aid with physical ailments.

    • For post-injury rehabilitation, massage will be provided per veterinarian recommandations.

    • The horse must be able to wear a halter, be held in a lead rope, used to and be respectful of humans and easy to handle (except response in sign of discomfort).

  •  1.2 - A session could be interrupted or canceled by the Equine Massage Therapist accordingly to massage counter-indications, to ensure the therapist and the horse safety. 

    • Horse conditions: ​Horse under veterinary care, cancer, fracture, pregnancy, infectious disease, skin problems of fungal origin, etc.

    • Environment: Feeding time, storm, heavy rain, etc.

    • Aggressive behaviours

  • 1.3 - Disrespectful behaviors towards the Equine Massage Therapist will not be tolerated and will result in termination of the session without refund. 

  • 1.4 - Appointment times may vary according to unforeseen circumstances such as weather/ road conditions or urgent situations.

  • 1.5 - Outside of the National Capital Region, travel fees will apply.


2 - Discounts

  • 2.1 - The discounts are based on the single session price and apply on the last session of the packages:

    • The 4 sessions package is $399 and includes 3 sessions at $105 and the last one at $84 (5% off total).

    • The 8 sessions package is $735 and includes 7 sessions at $105 and the last one is fully offered.

    • Build your program follow the same principle, a discount is offered on the last(s) session(s) 

​3 - Payments & Delay

  • 3.1 - Payments

    • The payment of the session/order should be fully proceed by the end of the session either by card through the website or via e-transfert at

    • For Multiple Sessions/ Build Your Program, the payment should be fully processes be the end of the first session.

  • 3.2 - Delay

    • For all services, any delay will result in 5$/day fee until the payment if fully proceed.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

3.0 - Session cancellation (for all services)

  • 3.1 - A session can be rescheduled or canceled at anytime however fees will apply as follow :

    • 72h prior appointment: full refund

    • 48h prior appointment: 50% refund

    • 24h prior appointment: no refund

  • 3.2 - To reschedule or cancel 48h and less prior the appointment, please contact us by email at

4.0 - Multiple Sessions & Build Your Program cancellation​

  • 4.1 - A package can be cancel at anytime and we offer a full refund of the unused session(s)

  • 4.2 - Session cancellation apply when cancelling a package, refers to section 3.0, alinea 3.1

  • 4.3 - To cancel your package, please contact us by email at

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