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Ideal for Maintenance, Rehabilitation, Recovery, and High-Intensity Activities

Service Description

Experience the transformative benefits of our exclusive Equine Massage packages. Designed to provide comprehensive care and elevate your horse's well-being, we offer a series of 4 and 8 specialized massage sessions tailored to your horse's needs. These series are ideal for complete body care, optimal maintenance, rehabilitation and show season. Equine massage is a powerful approach to integrate into your horse's routine to relieve muscle tensions, restrictions and discomforts toward optimal well-being. Regular care maximizes the benefits of massage and contributes to enhanced performance. The package includes custom solutions to suit your horse's condition and every session features : - Equine historic review - Health check - Assessment - Hands-on massage - Stretches - Suggestions - Detailed session report Each session is 90 minutes : Four sessions package - $399.00 (5% off) Eight sessions package - $735.00 (1 session offered) You will be able to manage your bookings directly by creating an account. It is a one time payment, and each session booked will be counted down from the package. Once all the sessions are used up, you will be able to renew your package. There is not time limit to use your sessions. If you have multiple horses at the same location, check the option Build Your Program on our services page, we will adapt to your unique situation.

Cancellation Policy

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